Korean Brand Update: Vina J Lingerie


Vina Jung Challenges South Korea Lingerie Sensibility

Even in South Korea, Victoria Secret, FIFI CHACHNIL and other lingerie brands are not unfamiliar anymore. There is a designer who forces out challenge to the lingerie industry with full of multi-national brands. Her name is Vina Jung. She started undergraduate school as a medical student, but dropped it and went to Paris to study fashion design. It is well-known that she is full of passion for design, and lingerie.

As Korea’s first ever designer brand and as ‘fashion’ lingerie, VINA J Lingerie exceeds the previous limitations of lingerie in Korea simply as underwear and draws out women’s inner confidence and attitude via bold, fetish details that express women’s desires. Vina J. Lingerie pursues realization of women’s hope and desire. Through grafting fantasy-oriented art onto detailed fashion whereas boldy designed gater belts and bustiers provoke men’s fantasy. Custom-fitted corests satiated women’s desire for both comfort and beauty. Each line of Vina J Lingerie is specially crafted with original details that inspire confident and imposing attitudes, every attire softly embraces different users with tailored fir that accomplish comfortable fetishism. Vina J Lingerie exhibits fashionable accumulation of eroticism and romanticism. Fantasy is reality. Vina J Lingerie makes it happen.